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Phosphorus and nitrogen synergistic flame retardant series

Product description

P-N Synergistic Flame Retardant Series (PM Series)

This series of flame retardants are a class of non-flammable flame retardants which are synergistically effective without halogen, phosphorus nitrogen and synergists.

Product features: Reasonable nitrogen and phosphorus content ratio, high thermal stability and flame retardant performance. This series of flame retardants has low addition, no moisture absorption, small amount of smoke, wide application range, non-toxic, and environmental protection. Good compatibility with polymeric materials.

Main application: It is mainly used for flame retardant of oxygen-containing high polymer polyamide (also known as nylon), polyester (commonly known as polyester), polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, epoxy resin, and glass fiber reinforced polyurethane. It can also be used as flame retardant synergist in polyolefins and polystyrene and other oxygen-free polymers. Widely used in electronic appliances, nylon or glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, wire and cable, model plastics, epoxy resin, synthetic rubber, closed-cell foamed plastics, automotive interior fibers, etc.

Technical and physical and chemical indicators Specification:


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