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Microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant

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Microencapsulated red phosphorus fire retardant

Microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant series are halogen-free flame retardants, using red phosphorus as the core material, high thermal stability flame retardant and its synergist as the capsule material, using a unique micro The encapsulation process obtains a series of products with extremely low fineness, extremely narrow particle size distribution, and high stability.

On the basis of retaining the overall advantages of ordinary red phosphorus as a flame retardant, the thermal stability of the product is greatly improved, and the flame retardant synergistic effect of the core material and the bladder material can be more exerted. After microencapsulation, the product has a certain discoloration and fine particle size, which makes the product compatible with the polymer, and the thermal stability and safety are greatly improved.

Because the surface of red phosphorus is covered with capsule materials, the probability of red phosphorus tyrants in the air is reduced, and the amount of phosphine generated by the red phosphoric acid is further reduced, thereby greatly reducing the danger of the processing of polymeric materials; at the same time, it improves the Ignition temperature of red phosphorus flame retardant. Due to the introduction of bladder flame retardant systems, this series of flame retardants have the characteristics of expanded flame retardants.

This series is a kind of high-efficiency flame retardant, which can achieve a good flame retardant effect with a small amount of addition. Due to the small amount of addition, it has a small impact on the mechanical and mechanical properties and electrical properties of the polymer material, which can greatly improve the leakage index of the polymer material . At the same time, this series of flame retardants also have a smoke suppression effect.

Scope of application: Mainly used for flame retardancy of oxygen-containing high polymer polyamide (also known as nylon), polyester (commonly known as polyester), polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, epoxy resin, and glass fiber reinforced polyurethane. It can also be used as flame retardant synergist in polyolefins and polystyrene and other oxygen-free polymers. Widely used in electronic appliances, nylon or glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, wires and cables, model plastics, epoxy resin, synthetic rubber, closed-cell foamed plastic, automotive interior fibers, etc.

Executive standard: Q / YJL08-2019

product properties:

Exterior view: light red liquid powder

Packing: polyethylene, polypropylene inner bag, compound bag with inner lining for outer bag packaging, 25kg / bag

Flame point (° C): ≥300 (depending on the amount of coating between 300 ° C and 350 ° C)

Technical indicators:

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