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Acid cleaning and disinfecting solution

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Acid cleaning detergent

product description:

This product is a foam-type acidic cleaning and disinfecting solution, which can quickly remove inorganic marks and alkaline attachments formed on the surface, has strong chelating ability for calcium and magnesium ions, and is easy to wash with water

This product is used to remove inorganic substances and proteins attached to the surface of food processing equipment and packaging (such as bottles and cans). It can also be used to remove scale, oxides, lactites, beer stones, etc. formed on the surface.

Main features: safe and harmless, cleaning and disinfecting in one

■ Spontaneous foam with strong penetration

■ No smell or taste, no need to worry about the stains on your bottles and cans

■ Acid and oxidizing, environmentally friendly and degradable

■ It also has the functions of cleaning, disinfection and deodorization

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