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Stone repair liquid

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Stone material repair liquid

product description:

This product is designed for cleaning and care of large surface. During use, this product will dissolve and penetrate into the gaps on the surface of the stone to repair the surface of the stone. It can provide the surface of the object to be cleaned with a long-lasting and waterproof magic effect, and it does not leave a footprint. Specially used for the care and polishing of natural decorative stone such as marble, granite and terrazzo. Improve the surface finish of the stone, and rebuild the damaged stone to a crystalline and reflective surface, providing a bright and durable surface for the stone

Main features: color, lightness, appearance more matched with stone

■ Repair scratch, abrasion, corrosion and other damage on the stone surface, and effectively improve the surface gloss of the stone

■ The color of the stone after treatment is bright, completely restore the original color of the stone

■ Provide long-term gloss, improve the abrasion and scratch resistance of stone surface

■ Improved slip resistance and surface hardness

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