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Stainless steel cleaning paste

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Stainless Steel Cleansing Cream

Main features: removal of welding points, melting rust, superior performance, stable paste

■ Stainless steel pickling brightening paste has super strong cleaning and decontamination effect, fast rust melting and removal of oxide scale or attachments generated during thermal processing such as welding

■ Forms a protective film after processing, with excellent rust and corrosion resistance

■ Viscous paste, convenient construction, suitable for large equipment and local workpiece processing

■ Stable paste, convenient transportation, long storage period without deterioration

Application areas:

■ Excellent performance for building materials market, kitchen stainless steel supplies, stainless steel stairs, windows, etc.

■ Stainless steel food machinery, chemical machinery, printing and dyeing equipment, etc.

Using new international research and development and exclusive patented technology development, it can effectively soften and decompose the stainless steel dirt surface and remove stubborn dirt. Protects the surface and improves gloss while removing dirt.

Cleaning is more targeted and the effect is more powerful

Using surface active agent, safe and pollution-free, more disinfection and sterilization, refuse to add any harmful substances. This product's special surfactant can effectively prevent dust and other particles from accumulating on the surface of stainless steel, making it long-lasting, bright and clean as new.

Safer to use and more thoughtful protection

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