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Construction Dirt Cleaner

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Cleaning dirt cleaning liquid

Main features: environmental protection, high efficiency, do not harm the surface and coating of the object to be cleaned

■ This product is an aqueous solution, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances to the human body, meets the requirements of the EU Rosh directive, and is a biodegradable environmentally friendly agent.

■ This product has cleaned a small amount of inorganic cement materials such as concrete and mortar on the surface of the building while keeping the exterior wall or structure coating and other decorations intact.

Application areas:

■ Suitable for cleaning inorganic clay materials such as concrete and mortar on the surface of buildings

■ Suitable for cleaning concrete, mortar, etc. of concrete tanker trucks and mixing plants

Using highly concentrated formula, it can effectively clean the hard surface of outdoor, dirt such as lime, concrete, mortar and other inorganic clay materials. Rich in oxygen ion surfactant, it can treat dirt more efficiently.

Efficient in the West, with remarkable results

Mild nature, strong solubility, while cleaning, keep the exterior wall or building coatings and other decorations intact, resist re-contamination, and do not pan alkali after washing.

No harm to objects, lasting cleaning

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