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Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Main features: environmental protection, high efficiency, sterilization, no irritating odor

■ This product is an aqueous solution, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances to the human body, meets the requirements of the EU Rosh directive, and is a biodegradable environmentally friendly agent.

■ This product has excellent characteristics of sterilization and odor removal

■ This product is not dangerous, does not produce odor, and does not release toxic gases

Application areas:

■ Suitable for removing hard dirt such as bathtubs, wash basins, urinals, toilets, porcelain basins, tiles, etc.

■ Suitable for disinfection and cleaning of public facilities such as bathhouses, pools and swimming pools

■ Suitable for disinfection and cleaning of food, pharmaceutical and other production equipment and animal farms

■ Suitable for hospital disinfection and cleaning

Whether it is a home environment or a public area, multifunctional cleaners can clean the kitchen, bathroom, floor, daily appliances, glass, tiles, exterior walls, etc. for you in all aspects.

All-round multi-efficiency, deep cleaning indoor and outdoor

Multifunctional cleaner uses unique national patented technology to kill all bacteria and viruses for you while deep cleaning.

Safe, efficient, sterilized, anti-virus

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