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Aluminum cleaning passivation solution

Product description

Aluminum passivation cleaning

Main features: environmental protection, high efficiency, high film forming efficiency, and repairability

■ This product forms passivation while cleaning aluminum parts, easy operation and low cost

■ The silver-white bright surface of the treated aluminum alloy is beautiful, thereby improving the surface anti-corrosion quality of aluminum alloy products.

■ This product does not decompose, does not settle, and is easy to transport

■ This product is safe and environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of the EU Rosh directive

■ This product can quickly remove the oxide scale generated after welding and high-temperature processing of aluminum parts, making it silvery and shiny, and forming an oxide film on the treated surface, improving the surface anti-corrosion quality of aluminum alloy products and extending aluminum Service life

Application areas:

■ Widely used for aluminum alloy surface treatment in chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, food, aviation, nuclear industry, construction, equipment, pressure vessels, engineering components, etc.

It has special cleaning function for rust spots, oxide layer and black spots on the surface of aluminum alloy, and the surface of aluminum alloy is clean and white after cleaning.

Easy to use and simple operation

A type of chemical cleaner that cleans, brightens, and deactivates the surface of aluminum alloys, and does not corrode the surfaces of aluminum and its alloys. Welding and chemical cleaning of aluminum parts and their products before painting, also has a good effect on the surface oxide hard scale washing of aluminum parts or products.

All-round multiple protection

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