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     Yunnan Phosphorus Group Co., Ltd. due to production needs, is now facing the community to recruit red phosphorus production operatives, welders, instrumentation automation operators a total of 40, the recruitment notice is as follows:

     First, the recruitment targets and conditions

     Red phosphorus Operators: junior high school and above culture. Welders: high school and above culture, holders of qualification certificate priority; Instrument automatic chemical industry: college and above culture; Age: 20 to 35 years of age, male, healthy, hard-working. Have practical work experience, age may be appropriate to relax, job requirements can be registered in the query.

     Second, recruitment procedures and hiring

     In accordance with the "application - primary - interview - physical examination - hiring" procedure.

     Third, employment forms and treatment

     After the interview and physical examination after the hiring, induction education and training, through the assessment of the two sides entered into a labor contract, pay social insurance. Probation period company with division training, salary 1600 ~ 1800 yuan / month. In accordance with the "wage management system," the assessment issued, the average production period of not less than 2600 yuan / month.

     Fourth, the registration methods and matters

     1, Registration Location: Company Human Resources (Yuxi City Jiangchuan District snail shop);

     2, Registration time: from April 27, 2016 to May 12 pm 16:30 pm only, weekend and holiday break;

     3, the application submitted information: academic degree certificate, ID card, the original and a copy of the qualification certificate, the recent 1-inch color photos a hat, and the original unit to terminate the labor contract certificate (if any). The above information is not refundable except the original.

     Fifth, the interview time: the list of interviews with specific time and place to be notified.

     Tel: 0877-8067138

     Notice is hereby given

     Yunnan Phosphorus Group Co., Ltd

     Jiangchuan District Talent Exchange Center

     April 26, 2016


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