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Derusting and phosphating solution

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Cleaning phosphating liquid

Main features: environmental protection, high efficiency, superior performance, improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the paint film layer

■ This product can replace the rust removal process such as sand blasting, manual, mechanical grinding, etc., reducing the labor intensity and environmental pollution of workers

■ This product is an aqueous solution, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body, and belongs to the biodegradable environmental protection chemical agent

■ This product converts the rust layer on the surface of steel into a kind of anti-corrosion steel protective film which is tightly combined with steel at normal temperature, thus playing the dual role of removing rust and protecting the steel substrate

■ This product forms a layer of phosphating film after derusting the steel surface, so that the steel surface has a good binding force.

Application areas:

■ Steel structure products and processing industry products

■ Maintenance and maintenance during the manufacturing and use of bridges, urban construction, highways, railways, petroleum, power and other facilities, outdoor storage tanks, pipelines, metallurgy, chemical and other equipment

It has strong permeability, can penetrate into the rust layer, disintegrate rust particles, effectively remove the sediment, loosen the rust on the surface of metal parts, and have no damage to paint, fiber, plastic and other materials on the metal surface. It can be widely used .

Early cleanup is more significant

The rust-removing fluid has a strong affinity for the surface of steel, and is highly permeable. It can penetrate into the metal pores, remove moisture and water, and form a dense protective film to isolate moisture and air. Long-term anti-rust effect.

More thorough maintenance

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