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Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City, 2016 industrial and mining enterprises, the successful completion of the basic technical skills competition

Date:2016-05-03 15:41

  Industrial and mining enterprises in Jiangchuan District, Yuxi city in 2016, the basic technical skills competition in April 27, 2016 in the river phosphorus group auditorium successfully concluded.

To attend the opening ceremony of the leadership

Teams lined up at the opening ceremony

  The region's electrical basic racing skills competition, by the Federation of trade unions, Jiangchuan District of Yuxi city of Jiangchuan electric power limited company, Yunnan Jianglin group Limited by Share Ltd to undertake, the theme of "striving for excellence to promote leapfrog development, competitive exhibition style of workers", the purpose is through competition to promote learning, based on the job, and constantly improve the industrial and mining enterprises electrician business skills and safety awareness of risk prevention and risk control ability, prevent safety accidents, ensure the safe operation, promote the growth of talents.

Theoretical examination

  April 27th at 9 am, the opening ceremony of the skills competition held. The opening ceremony presided over by the deputy chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Jiangchuan area general manager Li Chunwei, deputy director of Jiangchuan District People's Congress, Union Chairman Lu Fuxian, vice chairman of the District Federation of trade unions Li Fen, our company Wan Ronghui, deputy general manager Wang Liusheng, deputy general manager Fu Yingmin, Jiangchuan Power Supply Company Limited Sales Department Director Dong Jiayi attended. The president published ebullience speech, hope players develop team spirit, positive work, respect for the referee, race results.

The implementation of the contest

  The contest a total of 9 teams, 36 players participating, including the Jiangchuan power company on behalf of the team. After a day of intense theoretical examination and implementation of fair competition, the referee to judge, judge, referee papers, the final selection of the one or two groups were 3, three, first prize and two prize, third-prize 6, and commended. During the contest, the company team was the first group, the contestant Xing Yongguang won the two prize, Huang Laisheng, Diao China won third-prize.

Some team sports implementation works

  During the period, the company carefully formulated for implementation, strengthen the propaganda, to create a good atmosphere of competition, promotion of competition matters in the office building on the electronic display, hanging banners, in the contest making plane publicity background. Set the 36 test table and divided into 9 stations, the theory and implementation of competition. At the same time, do a good job sites, tools and other events, to do good food and other services, good health care, food safety, public safety, parking spaces and other coordination work, to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

Recognition of winners

The delegates at the closing ceremony.

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