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Company standardized good behavior of enterprises through the AAAA level confirmation

Date:2014-04-18 15:43

     According to the notice of the National Standardization Management Committee "on the pilot work for the" standard enterprise "good behavior" (GB agricultural light [2004]12) and with GB/T 15496 "enterprise standard system", GB/T 15497 "standard system of enterprise technical standard system", GB/T 15498 "standard system of enterprise management standards and work standards" national standards and requirements, in April 2nd, 3, by the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Yunnan province led a group of experts, good corporate behavior of the company since March 2013 creating standardization work to confirm.
     This is to confirm the establishment of standard system and standard system operation, adequate standards, implementation and continuous improvement, standardization work and other aspects, the company has established strict with "standard system technical standard system as the main body, management standard system as guarantee, work standard system for support, including technical the standard 14 class 331 class 181 20; standard management; work standard 7 class 138, a total of 650 standards, by listening to the report, check the information, see traces and field verification by means of verification.
     One of the expert group is to adhere to the principle of comprehensive and objective. Based on the company's documents, original records, statements and site conditions, the establishment of the company's standard system and the standardization of the work carried out a comprehensive and objective decision; the two is to adhere to the principle of effectiveness. In order to meet the needs of enterprise production, operation and management, as well as the effect of the production, the establishment and improvement of enterprise standard system and the operation of the decision; the three is to adhere to the principle of independence and impartiality. Confirm the process, eliminate all kinds of interference, independent and impartial judgment of the enterprise standard system and standardized management. After 2 days of audit, the company confirmed the basis of scoring 380 points, points 80 points, the total score of 460 points, has reached the standard AAAA level of good behavior of corporate conditions.
     Summary (last) meeting, Yunnan Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the director of Huang Guoqiang Jianglin group enterprises standardized good behavior of AAAA level expressed warm congratulations, and puts forward the requirements of enterprises, to continuously improve the company to keep the AAAA standard as in the past, the good behavior of enterprises, enterprises standardized good behavior has become an important support for the company to enhance the management level. Team leader Shi Keyan made a speech on behalf of the group of experts, the company fully affirmed the achievements at the same time, the honest opinions and suggestions on the company standardization work: one is the company she hopes to put forward the next step of enterprise standard system optimization, focus on laws and regulations, on the level of relevant standards, and organic integration and cohesion has operation management system and standard system and standard, timely organization of technology, management, work standard applicability, effectiveness, coordination and evaluation and optimization of operation; two of the standard is to further optimize and simplify, strengthen the standardization work of importance, increase the standard Publicizing efforts, improve the standard implementation rate; the three is to increase the cultivation of standardization work in the backbone of the efforts to explore patent into market competitiveness through standard The methods and approaches of active participation in various standardization activities, and strive to develop the leading national standards and international standards in ultrafine red phosphorus, low arsenic phosphorus and other areas, grasping the initiative of competition.
     The company passed the standard of good conduct business AAAA, marking the company in product packaging, labeling, specification and propaganda "standard of good conduct" logo, has important significance for promoting the standardization of the management level, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
     General manager of the company Wan Ronghui, deputy general manager Wang Liusheng, Fu Yingmin, Yue and other senior management staff, the functions of the Department of the person in charge of the Department of standardized management staff of 50 people attended the meeting.

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