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The company's 2014 annual employee occupation disease examination work completed

Date:2014-12-01 15:42

     2015 is the company's safe production standardization of two enterprise operation (certificate) review year. According to the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China occupation disease prevention law", the company production safety commission on November 6th formally organized occupation disease examination preparatory work, factors of occupation harm by post occupation hazard investigation and analysis of factors and combined with the situation of "harm" in 2014 occupation disease assessment of post test results, in accordance with the "occupation health care technology standard" (GBZ 188-2014) regulations, risk factors for post benchmarking projects will be seized by contact occupation from November 26, 2014 to 29 days in the company organization.
     This time the workers occupational disease medical work by the Yuxi mining hospital, to the depth of enterprise, service workers, the scene of a medical examination, the company 461 employees participated in the occupational disease physical examination.
     This year the focus examination included in during post production workers. Should check the number of 467 people, 461 people, 6 people were seized, not seized. The workers (post) should be seized a total of 397 people, a total number of 393 people, did not check the number of 4 people; 2014 new production workers (pre) post should be seized 51 people, seized 51 real people; laborers shall check the number of 19 people, total 17 people, 2 people unghecded.
     The process of examination, the various departments vigorously cooperate workers participate in the examination; the doctor carefully check the diagnosis, check leakage inspection meticulous, strict verification process; coordinate the work in a timely manner, guided properly, orderly. 4 days of on-the-job employees during the period of occupation disease examination in November 29th ended 13:30.
     In another development, the examination work by the Jiangchuan County Federation of trade unions, Jiangchuan County Safety Supervision Bureau of superior departments concerned, visit the scene examination in November 27th and November 28th respectively, occupation disease examination work of the company's organization gave a high evaluation.

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