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Provincial, municipal and County Safety Supervision Bureau leaders visit the company to inspect and guide safety work

Date:2015-04-29 15:42

  In April 28th, star director and deputy director of production safety supervision and Administration Department of Yunnan province Yang Yalin, director of Cai Jifa, Tan Xiaoyong, Yang, an engineer of Zhang Yan, the software company engineer Hu Yun; Yuxi City Safety Supervision Bureau, deputy director Fang Yuming, Jin Fahui, Huang Jilin, director of Department of general Yuan Jinsong in the Jiangchuan County Committee, county people's government, deputy magistrate Li Zhigang, county administration secretary Ma often, deputy director Song Pinghua, chief of Liu Jianlin et al. Accompanied by a line of 15 people to visit the company to inspect and guide safety work. Executive vice president Wang Liusheng, EHS Manager Rao Zhizhen and Ann ring staff participated in the inspection.
Inspection team from the "look, see, listen to, said" four links around the implementation of the main responsibility for the safety of production and safety production platform for long-term mechanism to conduct research. Check the group first further production line to see the production site and the dispatch room, a comprehensive understanding of the production process control and comprehensive utilization of tail gas of yellow phosphorus; responsible for the construction of provincial work safety production safety long-term mechanism of the soft platform company for inspection and guidance of the long-term mechanism of safety production online reporting process.
    At the meeting, the inspection group listened carefully to the deputy general manager of the company Wang Liusheng production safety management report, the company safety management institutions and set up a safety committee, set up safety management network, in accordance with the requirements of the safety management of the party with responsibility, and set up the responsibility system for production safety at all levels of the organization, and departments at all levels with the corresponding safety management personnel to carry out safety management work. The company also acquired in December 2012 for safety standardization of two companies, April 2014 to obtain good standardization enterprise level AAAA confirmed that the same year and the introduction of the performance evaluation mechanism, this year to take individual assessment method in performance evaluation, especially in safety, environmental protection, occupation health and other aspects of the development of individual assessment, to further increase the safety management work daily management and long-term mechanism of synchronized. To appear in production safety long-term mechanism platform during the trial operation and inconvenient operation in five aspects (operating record, upload photos back to save not reading, rectification, rectification photo transmission difficulties above 10M file upload is difficult, and the risk of related or not can describe) proposals at the meeting, Yang Juchang instructed the responsible for the platform the construction of the software company to seize the time in system transformation problem in enterprise; listen to the enterprise implementation of the same content standards are GB, GB/T, AQ or industry criteria such as the implementation of the enterprise difficult recognition and suggestions provincial administration director Yang pointed out that unity, led by the provincial safety supervision, the Jianglin group as an example for enterprises, related to the hazard and phosphorus industry standard comprehensive carding, analysis and recognition of experts group, based on the service enterprises, to facilitate business use In the standard; to hear about the occupation health administrator training advice, director Yang pointed out that the provincial administration led plan to ensure the business security fund, better service enterprises.
    Finally, the provincial administration secretary Yang Yalin by looking at the scene and listening to the report, fully affirmed the company safety production organization structure clear, the establishment of the company safety committee, establish and improve the security of network management, establish a responsibility system for production safety, safety management more standardized. I hope enterprises to firmly establish the "people-oriented" concept of security, implement the "safety production responsibility system in place to implement the five enterprise five regulations" spirit of the document, do a solid job of safe production "double base".

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