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Environmental information disclosure


Yunnan Jianglin Group Co., Ltd.

Environmental information disclosure

I. Enterprise name, address, legal representative

1. Company Name: Yunnan Jiangphos Group Co., Ltd.

2. Company address: No. 28, Ninghai Road, Jiangchuan County

Production area address: Lupu Town, Jiangchuan District

3. Legal representative: Wan Ronghui

4. Company website: http://www.ynjlgroup.com

5. Company email: working@ynjlgroup.com

6. Company phone: 0877-8067472

2. Environmental protection policy, annual environmental protection goals and effectiveness

1. The company's environmental protection policy: adhere to the principle of prevention, combination of prevention and control, comprehensive management, adhere to clean production, and implement pollution control throughout the production process;

2, 2018 environmental protection goals and effectiveness

(1) Situation of environmental area

According to the monitoring data of the construction project status in January 2016, the daily average value of inhalable particulate matter in the company's production area was 0.131 mg / m3, the daily average value of sulfur dioxide was 0.035 mg / m3, and the daily average value of nitrogen dioxide was 0.030 mg / m3, all reaching " Ambient Air Quality Standard (GB3095–2012) secondary standard; the average value of regional ambient noise during the day is 60dB (A), and the average value at night is 50dB (A), which meets the Class 2 standard of "Acoustic Environmental Quality Standard" (GB3096-2008); Except for the total hardness monitoring value exceeding the standard, all the other indicators of groundwater meet the Class III standards in the Groundwater Environmental Quality Standards (GB / T14848-93).

(2) Achievements

<1> Emergency environmental incidents: There were no environmental emergencies, major fires or explosions in the whole year;

<2> Exhaust gas emissions: the maximum emission concentrations of monitoring factors such as soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and fluoride have not exceeded national and local emission standards;

<3> Noise emission: daytime noise ≦ 60 dB (A), nighttime noise ≦ 50 dB (A);

<4> Wastewater: The company has a production wastewater treatment device and an initial rainwater collection device. The production wastewater is fully closed and recycled after treatment; the initial rainwater is collected and treated and returned to the production device for use.

III. Consumption of company resources

The company produced 26,945 tons of yellow phosphorus, 3,232 tons of red phosphorus, 11,513 tons of phosphoric acid, 2,123 tons of phosphorus pentoxide, and 1,140,79 tons of metallurgical lime in 2018.

Rhenium consumed 230,728 tons of various types of phosphate rock, 40,223 tons of coke, 30,583 tons of silica, 41.07 million kWh of electricity, 90,000 cubic meters of fresh water, and 1,594 tons of raw coal.

24. Investment in Environmental Protection and Development of Environmental Technology

In order to do a good job in the company's clean production and sustainable development, a lot of work has been done on environmental governance and comprehensive