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General manager safety commitment:

1. Obey relevant national and local laws, regulations, standards and other requirements to achieve the company's production safety goals; 
2. Carry out safety standardization work seriously and provide necessary human, financial and material support;
3. Establish and improve safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures;
4. Ensure investment in safety production costs;
5.Performing new construction, reconstruction, and expansion “Three simultaneous”the rules;
6.Strengthen staff training and improve staff quality;
7.Strengthen labor protection to ensure the physical and mental health of employees;
8.Eliminate occupational hazards and improve the working environment;
9.Establish an emergency rescue system;
10.Carry out rectification of hidden dangers and strengthen risk control.

Company safety production policy:

People-oriented, safe development; safety first, prevention first; comprehensive governance, implementation of responsibility; full participation, continuous improvement.

The company's 2019 production safety goals:

1.Thousands of serious injuries:≤3‰;

2.Fatalities and above:0;

3.Fire accident:0;

4.Acute occupational poisoning:0;

5.Hidden danger management completion rate:100%;

6.Qualification rate of workplace occupational hazards testing:≥85%;

7.Safety standardization operation compliance rate: The operation meets the requirements of the second-level enterprise of safety production standardization of hazardous chemical production.

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