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Environmental information disclosure


Yunnan Jianglin Group Co., Ltd.

Environmental information disclosure

I. Enterprise name, address, legal representative

1. Company Name: Yunnan Jiangphos Group Co., Ltd.

2. Company address: No. 28, Ninghai Road, Jiangchuan County

Production area address: Lupu Town, Jiangchuan District

3. Legal representative: Wan Ronghui

4. Company website: http://www.ynjlgroup.com

5. Company email: working@ynjlgroup.com

6. Company phone: 0877-8067472

2. Environmental protection policy, annual environmental protection goals and effectiveness

1. The company's environmental protection policy: adhere to the principle of prevention, combination of prevention and control, comprehensive management, adhere to clean production, and implement pollution control throughout the production process;

2, 2018 environmental protection goals and effectiveness

(1) Situation of environmental area

According to the monitoring data of the construction project status in January 2016, the daily average value of inhalable particulate matter in the company's production area was 0.131 mg / m3, the daily average value of sulfur dioxide was 0.035 mg / m3, and the daily average value of nitrogen dioxide was 0.030 mg / m3, all reaching " Ambient Air Quality Standard (GB3095–2012) secondary standard; the average value of regional ambient noise during the day is 60dB (A), and the average value at night is 50dB (A), which meets the Class 2 standard of "Acoustic Environmental Quality Standard" (GB3096-2008); Except for the total hardness monitoring value exceeding the standard, all the other indicators of groundwater meet the Class III standards in the Groundwater Environmental Quality Standards (GB / T14848-93).

(2) Achievements

<1> Emergency environmental incidents: There were no environmental emergencies, major fires or explosions in the whole year;

<2> Exhaust gas emissions: the maximum emission concentrations of monitoring factors such as soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and fluoride have not exceeded national and local emission standards;

<3> Noise emission: daytime noise ≦ 60 dB (A), nighttime noise ≦ 50 dB (A);

<4> Wastewater: The company has a production wastewater treatment device and an initial rainwater collection device. The production wastewater is fully closed and recycled after treatment; the initial rainwater is collected and treated and returned to the production device for use.

III. Consumption of company resources

The company produced 26,945 tons of yellow phosphorus, 3,232 tons of red phosphorus, 11,513 tons of phosphoric acid, 2,123 tons of phosphorus pentoxide, and 1,140,79 tons of metallurgical lime in 2018.

Rhenium consumed 230,728 tons of various types of phosphate rock, 40,223 tons of coke, 30,583 tons of silica, 41.07 million kWh of electricity, 90,000 cubic meters of fresh water, and 1,594 tons of raw coal.

24. Investment in Environmental Protection and Development of Environmental Technology

In order to do a good job in the company's clean production and sustainable development, a lot of work has been done on environmental governance and comprehensive utilization of resources. In recent years, the scale of investment in environmental protection facilities has reached 227.37 million yuan. There are:

1. In order to increase the comprehensive utilization of yellow phosphorus tail gas, a 500t / d lime production unit was built, so that the utilization rate of yellow phosphorus tail gas reached more than 90%, and at the same time, 8 tons / hour of waste heat steam was produced to meet the company's consumption of water vapor.

2. In order to increase the comprehensive utilization of phosphate rock powder and coke powder, an 80,000-ton / year ball forming device was built, and the phosphate rock powder and coke powder after screening and dust removal were used as raw materials for yellow phosphorus production.

3. Reconstruct the automatic power-saving system of the existing 7 sets of yellow phosphorus production units to reduce leakage of materials and pollutants caused by human operation;

4. Cooperated with Kunming University of Science and Technology to build the Yunnan Provincial Expert Basic-level Scientific Research Workstation “Hua Huaping Workstation”, dedicated to the development and research of the company ’s “three wastes” comprehensive utilization.

5. In cooperation with Peking University, Tianjin University, and Kunming University of Science and Technology, the Yunnan One Carbon Chemical Research Center was jointly established, dedicated to the comprehensive development and utilization of yellow phosphorus tail gas.

6. Transform the automation of yellow phosphorus tail gas recovery to make the recovery and utilization of yellow phosphorus tail gas a fully automatic operation.

7. Purchase a new 3 ton road sweeper and clean the production area regularly.

8. Build a 300m3 initial rainwater collection pond to increase the collection and utilization of initial rainwater and expand the company's emergency response to environmental accidents.

V. The type, quantity, concentration and destination of pollutants emitted by the company

The types of pollutants that the company currently emits are:

1. Exhaust gas pollutants: yellow phosphorus exhaust gas, pollutants include soot, fluoride, and comprehensive utilization rate of yellow phosphorus exhaust gas is 93%; yellow phosphorus production raw materials are used to dry exhaust gas, and pollutants include soot; exhaust gas from boiler production, and pollutants include sulfur dioxide , Soot, nitrogen oxides; waste gas from lime production, pollutants include soot, fluoride, nitrogen oxides;

2. Solid pollutants: There are solid pollutants, yellow phosphorus production water quenching slag, all used for raw materials for cement production; mud phosphorus, the main company recycles itself, and the unrecovered parts are transferred to qualified units after going through legal procedures. deal with.

3. Wastewater: The company's production wastewater is mainly phosphorus-containing and fluorine-containing wastewater. After treatment, it can be used in a completely closed cycle without being discharged. Productive clean cooling water can be recycled after cooling. Initial rainwater will be collected and treated. Production equipment is used as make-up water.

The discharge of pollutants is shown in the following table:

Pollutant emissions in 2018

Unit: ton

Serial number

Pollutant name

Approved emissions

Actual emissions






Sulfur dioxide




Nitrogen oxides







Six, hazardous waste management information

The company's hazardous waste types are: mud phosphorus, waste mineral oil and dearsenic residue

See the table below for management information and information:

2018 Hazardous Waste Management Information Form

Unit: ton

Serial number



Generation link



Last year's storage

Internal disposal

Use of Disposition

Number of transfers

Storage at the end of the year


Slime phosphorus


Yellow phosphorus refining process

Zhang Xuedong




Huaning Xiangxiang Products Factory



Kunming Haikou Zechen Chemical Plant


Qujing Zhanyi District Henghe Co., Ltd.



Waste oil


Overhaul process

Zhang Xuedong




Yunnan Xinhao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.




Dearsenic residue


Dephosphorization process of food phosphate

Zhang Xuedong








Environmental protection management

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection. The general manager is personally responsible, the deputy general manager is in charge, and an environmental protection management organization is established. The company has made great progress in environmental protection through safety standardization and strengthening of on-site management. The company has a sound environmental management system and has established a corresponding environmental management ledger. The existing environmental management system can meet the existing production needs. Due to the importance attached by the leaders, the management is in place, the technology is mature, and the production and operation are complete, in recent years, the company has not experienced any pollution accidents or environmental damage.

The company has established the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection to be responsible for the daily work of environmental protection management. Each production workshop has a deputy director who specializes in environmental protection, and the team leader is a part-time environmentalist. Environmental protection equipment and facilities are assigned to post personnel for routine inspection and maintenance in accordance with positions. If problems are found to be unresolvable, they are reported to the workshop office, and the workshop office arranges mechanical and electrical shifts for maintenance and replacement.

The company's existing environmental protection facilities are 100% intact, the environmental protection facilities are running normally and smoothly, and the environmental protection facilities can meet the existing production needs.

VIII. Status of Corporate Social Responsibility

The company adheres to the production and management philosophy of “Phosphorus-based, environmental protection first, and refined development”, and does a good job of environmental protection at the same time of production. Through the advancement and introduction of production technology, the following objectives are achieved:

1. Through the comprehensive utilization of resources, the substitution of shortage of resources, the use of secondary energy, and energy conservation, consumption reduction and water conservation, the rational use of natural resources and the slowing down of resource exhaustion;

2. Reduce the discharge of waste and pollutants, promote the integration of industrial product production and consumption processes with the environment, and reduce the risks caused by the company's production activities to the regional environment.

IX. Emergency plan for environmental emergencies

Jinyun Nanjiang Phosphorus Group Co., Ltd.'s "Integrated Emergency Plan for Environmental Emergencies" was approved by Jiangxi District Environmental Protection Bureau of Yuxi City on January 30, 2019, and the record number is 5304032019002.

Organize regular emergency environmental emergency drills every year to earnestly improve our factory's emergency response capabilities for environmental emergencies.

X. Attachments

1. Record Form, Registration and Issuing Order of Comprehensive Environmental Emergency Response Plan

2. Duplicate and original copy of emission permit

3, 2018 annual inspection and monitoring report of sewage permit信息公开

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